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Executive Parking has over 20 years of specialized experience in providing full-service parking management for municipalities and private entities. Today we serve small to mid-size communities in the East Coast Region. Our current clients’ parking space capacity range from 1,000 to 6,000.

Executive Parking will create a customized solution for your On-Street Operation. This customized solution will focus on maximizing revenue through issuing citations and meter collections. We partner with Kelley & Ryan Associates (for Citations Database Management) as our sub vendor, with the most extensive nationwide Department of Motor Vehicle address search capabilities in the industry.

Executive Parking strives to provide exceptional special event parking services. Customer service is key. We assist in traffic control before and after events. We also have strict internal controls for cash collection, ensuring all cash collected is deposited to the client. 


At Executive Parking, we pride ourselves on honesty and transparency. Our clients are often surprised when we are able to run an operation seamlessly when our prices are less than our large competitors. This can be attributed to three things: 


1. Executive Parking's Honesty

2. Minimal overhead due to our small company size

3. Strong internal controls especially when dealing with cash 

Please contact us today to see how we can save you money on your parking management services!

At EP, we will create the perfect customized parking solution for YOU. Help us help you maximize your revenue!


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